Product lines

Product line for europe

The CUBE range of portable toilets, conceived for the European and extra European markets (Europe, Africa and the Middle East), reaches an extremely high qualitative level thanks to Armal's extensive experience in the designing and production of portable toilets. CUBE is constructed in such a way as to offer safety, ease of management for operators and a design where every detail is taken care of. Constructed with the most resistant materials and with high-precision production systems, CUBE is highly versatile and can be completed with several optional accessories.

Product line for the us

WAVE is the result of Armal is extensive designing and production experience in this sector. Including a range of portable toilets conceived to be sold on the American, Australian and Asian markets, WAVE toilets represent an important step forward in terms of quality and design. Constructed with the most resistant materials, they are designed to ensure safety and combine ease of management with a painstaking care for detail.

Service equipments

Armal's professional equipment, ranging from vehicles for the transportation and cleaning of portable toilets right through to barriers, offers a selection of flexible, high-quality solutions designed to fulfil any requirement in terms of safety, hygiene and rapidity. The Vacuum Modules ensure a highly functional sewage suction service. The T-Easy solution, simple though efficient, is excellent value for money. The Iveco Daily trucks and the trailer are two more solutions for the transportation and maintenance of portable toilets.