Iveco Daily
Long wheel-base


This celebrated Armal vehicle is fitted with equipment installed on the center of the floor of the truck bed so as to leave a compartment free at the front (1100 mm x 2120 mm) and back ends (1600 mm x 2120 mm).

The typical configuration of the lowered bed facilitates access to the service equipment and loading of mobile toilets. Available in 3,5 and 5,0 tons maximum load Daily Armal long wheel-base performs excellently in servicing event and construction mobile toilets and it is more suited for longer journeys.

Iveco Daily Euro 5 Vacuum Equipment length
in mm
in mm
Load bed size Clear weight
in Kg
35 Long wheel-base 1000 T 6660 2120 1100X2120 front (A)
1600X2120 back (B)
50 Long wheel-base 1300 T 6915 2120 1600X2250 3150

Iveco Daily Euro 5 35/50