About us

ARMAL belongs to a Group of companies specialized in the research and development of innovative products for the Portable Sanitation, Construction and Environmental Industries. Founded in 1987 as a family owner company, ARMAL set up the first production factory in Italy, and then a second one in Georgia State - USA, in 2005. In 2010 two private found equities, LBO France and the Italian Yarpa S.p.A., acquired the majority share of Diamont Group, owner of ARMAL and SEBACH. The acquisition has brought to life Ylda Group S.p.A..

Nowadays, thanks to two manufacturing plants and two commercial branches, one in China and the second in India, ARMAL exports to over 110 countries. ARMAL is proud to be the supplier of important partners: SEBACH, the leading company in the Italian portable sanitation rental market; SEBACH FRANCE, a well underway rental activity started in France in 2010 and SEBACH SARLAU, that is developing in Morocco.

Extraordinary modern production technology has enabled ARMAL to introduce many new and creative plastic products. As a result, the Company has gained an enviable reputation throughout the world for the reliability and value of its products.

ARMAL is particularly capable to respond to the needs of companies and associations operating in disaster areas thanks to its large production capability of 230 portable toilets per day in Italy and 130 portable toilets per day in the US plant. This is made possible by injection molding technology combined with efficient logistic and packing solutions.

Expanded warehousing capabilities and unique logistical and packing solutions result in shortened transportation time and delivery costs.

The combination of meticulously selected raw materials and a system of total quality control ensures uniformity throughout the production process.

Our commitment to design is well expressed in our ScentCUBE: the only factory in the sector to produce perfumed plastic toilets.


Key Factors

  • High quality products and creative solutions and applications for the customers.

  • Extensive production capabilities incorporating advanced technology highly-skilled and efficient workforce.

  • The use of UV-resistant grade 4 high density polyethylene plastic. This product exhibits excellent related to impact resistance, strength and the ability to withstand severe handling and use in the most extreme weather and temperature conditions.

  • ARMAL products are engineered according to the most rigorous safety and environmental standards. To continue along this line, ARMAL has been recognized of certifications during the years: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.