• 31 05 2019
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Armal new products: portable sinks and high-tech restrooms

Armal's new innovative products bring the portable toilets industry to a whole new level.

Aquapop and Aquatrailer assure water supply to wash hands everywhere. During events, gatherings, conventions or in any other outdoor occasion, avoid the queues and allow people to freshen up with Aquatrailer, 12 sinks on a wheeled trailer. For minor needs, choose Aquapop which can be used by one or two people at the same time. Aquapop can also be easily integrated in portable restroom cabins.

If you fancy an automated and fully customizable portable toilet, look no further. E-Top is the newest mobile toilet with high-tech features, led lights and a smart design.


The new portable hand-wash sink. You can use it stand-alone single or double, move it easily and place it in portable restrooms.


Aquatrailer with its 12 sinks is easy to move and install. It guarantees clean water supply so that everyone can freshen up.



E-Top comes with a fully automated flush and sink with electronic control panel and an indoor led presence sensor. Exteriors can be fully customized!