Dura Blue IT

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Liquid Restroom Sanitary Concentrate

Non-formaldehyde formula accelerates the decomposition of waste and minimises unpleasant smells. Dura Blue IT can be used not only directly in the restroom’s gray water tank, but in Armal vacuum tank units as well. Portable restrooms use 90% less water than conventional restrooms, thus saving about 125 million gallons of fresh water every day (according to PSAI). So if the waste is not flushed away with a lot of water per use, how can portable restrooms remain fresh and clean? Dura Blue IT is the secret concentrate to be diluted with water to keep restrooms clean and odor-free.

  • Fragrance: blueberry
  • Recommended dosage: mix 1 L/0.26 gal. of product in 1.000 L/264.17 gal. with fresh water and pour 15 L/3.96 gal. of the diluted product inside Armal CUBE portable restroom drop tank model. The ratio shall be increased according to temperature, portable restroom model and number of services per week.
  • Size: 19 liters/5.01 gallons can or 1.041 liters/275 gallons bulk tank


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