Electronic portable restrooms

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Where electronics meet portable sanitation solutions

E-LINE is a unique range of electronic portable restrooms with embedded electronic mechanisms. Designed to enhance the user experience, Armal E-LINE restrooms feature a sleek outdoor and indoor design, many details for maximum comfort and fresh water always present inside the toilet bowl. “E” stands for “Electronic“, but also for “Easy” because all E-LINE restrooms are ready-to-use, no assembly required.


  • Pleasant aesthetics and easy-to-clean materials shape a 5 stars user experience
  • The same restrooms can operate in different modes: either self-contained or mains connected restrooms, or both at the same time
  • The fresh water flushing system, the hand wash sink and other accessories guarantee the highest hygiene standards
  • Low operating costs and reduced water consumption make E-LINE products cost-effective and environmentally friendly, especially for long term rentals


  • All electronic devices are embedded in a stylish compact toilet bowl
  • A CPU controls operations
  • The valve high technology avoids clogging and filters to clean

Versatility at its best: four operating modes for one product

E-LINE offers a variety of solutions (single restroom, 2-restroom station, 2-restroom trailer), all of them based on the same core technology allowing four operating modes:

  • self-contained (using external fresh and gray water tanks)
  • self-contained using the fresh water tank and connected to sewage
  • self-contained using the gray water tank and connected to water supply
  • mains connected (both water and sewage system)

Operations are very easy and the same knowledge applies to all products. This is a big plus for you, but also for us, as we will further develop this line by creating more products with the same much appreciated technology.

Just like the bathroom at home

The E-LINE restroom interiors make you feel as if you are using a bathroom at home. Materials, colors and design aim to offer great comfort and ease of use. The all-round fresh water flushing rim guarantees maximum hygiene and no bad odors can enter the cabin because the gray water tank is external. Fresh air and natural light come in either from the wall aeration vents or from the roof portholes. LED lights automatically turn on at night with presence detection. Last but not least, no chemicals are applied.

E-LINE restrooms address the need for upscale portable facilities

E-LINE portable restrooms can meet every need for mobile sanitation, suitable for all occasions but especially those where upscale portable facilities are required. From a small private event to a large festival, from a construction site of any size to an outdoor sports area, E-LINE operates everywhere. The aesthetic appearance of E-LINE transforms restrooms into a great plus for locations such as campsites, beaches and parks.

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