Vacuum Tank Units

SUN Units with Hydraulic System

The SUN vacuum tank units are equipped with a gasoline engine and a total hydraulic system. Maximum power generation, perfect for generating suction and performing the washing operations required by portable restrooms.

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SUN Units with Hydraulic System

Armal offers three SUN models: M1, M2 and M3. M1 and M2 are available with transversal and longitudinal positioning, suitable for installation on vehicles up to 6.0 tons and with a gray water tank capacity of 1.100 or 2.000 liters/290.59 or 528.34 gallons. M2 units also stand out for their reduced weight and for the electronic and remote control system that allows operators to work safely and remotely from the vehicle. M3 is the first Armal MINI unit which completes the SUN range.

SUN 1100T M2 and SUN 2000T M2: The Transversal Units with Hydraulic System and Remote Control

With the same main features as the M1 models, Armal SUN M2 vacuum tank units represent a step forward as they are designed to facilitate all operations thanks to their advanced technology, automation, and usability. The innovation is represented by their reduced weight and the presence of an electronic and remote control system that allows faster operations at distance from the vehicle, guaranteeing net economic savings for each service as well as making the daily work of the operators easier, less tiring and worry-free. Suction and washing operations can also be activated/ deactivated by the appropriate drive controls on the left and right side of the units.

SUN 1100L M1 and SUN 2000L M1: The Longitudinal Units with Hydraulic System

Ideal for vehicles up to 6.0 tons, their longitudinal positioning on the truck flatbed allows to have a slimmer truck. These units have a single suction station and a washing one, positioned at the rear of the truck to ensure a lower weight on the vehicle. SUN 1100L M1 and SUN 2000L M1 are provided with an air-cooled 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine (*) and are activated/deactivated by manual controls placed on the units. The washing system is provided with a manual injector that automatically mixes the sanitary concentrate or any other additive liquids to ensure in-depth cleaning of the portable restrooms. The SUN 1100L M1 and SUN 2000L M1 fresh and gray water tanks hold respectively 460 liters/121.52 gallons and 580 liters/153.22 gallons of fresh water and 1.100 liters/290.59 gallons and 2.000 liters/528.34 gallons of gray water.

SUN 600V M3: The Mini Unit with Hydraulic System and Remote Control

SUN 600V M3 is Armal mini vacuum tank unit specifically designed to be installed on pick-ups, small trucks, or light trailers. Its compact size allows easy access to remote or hard to reach areas and is perfect for small jobs too. The remote control system to work easily and reduce the time of each service, the emergency stop control on the remote control and the control panel to deactivate the unit in case of accidental events, the reduced capacity oil tank to minimize the weight of the unit, the air-oil heat exchanger to prevent the overheating of the hydraulic oil and optimize the thermal range of the hydraulic system operations, lights to work easily in dark places or at night, the hour counter device to indicate the time the unit has been used, are all standard features of Armal SUN 600V M3.

Optional accessories

  • High pressure water pump (11 L/min.-2.90 gal./min. @ 170 bar - 2465.64 psi)
  • 19 L/5 gal. sanitary concentrate tank
  • Automatic hose reel with 20 m/787.40’’ washing hose
  • Electric drive of the sanitary concentrate
  • Deodorizing control system to spread deodorant fragrances during suction

Material used

Main tank body made of carbon steel and fresh water tank in semi-transparent plastic material

Features include

  • Ready for use
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Native with high pressure washing
  • Washing water pressure regulator outfitted on the water pump
  • Vacuum pump filter-silencer
  • One or two drive controls on the units depending on the model
  • Mechanically autonomous operating systems: connected to the vacuum tank unit, they allow the unit to operate in a stand-alone configuration
  • Operations by remote control (where provided)
  • Remote control unit with emergency stop push button (where provided); the emergency stop button is always available on the control panel to ensure the highest level of safety for the units and the operators

Standard color

  • White

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